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Minnesota Sales and Use Tax Payment Extensions

by Teri Grahn, CMI

April 9, 2020 - The state of Minnesota is extending the grace period for payment of sales and use tax for businesses identified under Emergency Executive Order 20-04.

Details include:

  • Businesses that originally had a monthly payment of sales and use tax due March 20, 2020 now have until May 20, 2020 to make the payment.
  • Businesses that originally had a monthly or quarterly payment of sales and use tax due April 20, 2020 now have until May 20, 2020 to make the payment.

The extension is only for paymentโ€”returns still need to be filed timely. Payments due for the April sales and use tax return are not extended at this time so these payments will need to be remitted by the original deadline of May 20, 2020.

Businesses should also be aware of other state and federal disaster assistance programs for which they may be eligible. Listings of such resources can be found at either the MN DEED website or our Covid-19 information and resource center.

There is also an option for businesses to request additional relief from penalties or interest which could be incurred after April 20 if there is reasonable cause to make such a request. This includes the emergency declarations made by the president and/or governor in response to Covid-19. Here is a link to an MN DEED page with abatement information for businesses.

Those with questions or a desire to request additional time are encouraged to contact the Minnesota Department of Revenue.


Teri Grahn, CMI

Teri Grahn, CMI

Teri Grahn, senior manager is the sales and use tax service area leader and is a certified member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation. She educates and assists commercial entities with multi-state sales and use tax procedures and compliance, and works with clients to review internal records and practices and educates their staff on processes. She also helps clients navigate the unknowns of entering new states and jurisdictions by researching specific products and services, system and invoice set up to remain compliant with future transactions. Teri also supports clients through sales and use tax audits by investigating assessments and answering questions throughout the process. Teri works with clients in various industries including manufacturing and distribution, construction and real estate, and technology. Prior to joining Redpath and Company in 2003, Teri performed sales and use tax audits for the Minnesota Department of Revenue for 9 years.