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Corey O'Connell, CPA, ABV, ASA

Corey O'Connell, CPA, ABV, ASA
Corey provides litigation support in engagements performed primarily for the purpose of marital dissolution. He also performs business valuation engagements for purposes including marital dissolution, shareholder disputes, estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, employee stock ownership plans, financial reporting, tax conversions, buy/sell agreements, and management planning.
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Three Common Mistakes on Marital Balance Sheets

May 26, 2020 - The marital balance sheet is an important document when considering the division of assets in a divorce. Prepared correctly, it shows all of the partiesโ€™ assets and liabilities in one place so well-informed decisions can be made...

Do You Need a Business Valuation in a Divorce Case?

February 18, 2020 โ€” While the value of each share in a publicly-traded company is known, the value of an ownership interest in a closely-held or family-owned business is not so readily obtainable. When one or both parties in a divorce have an...

Why You Might Not Want to Keep the House in a Divorce

December 2, 2019 โ€” An important aspect of any divorce is the division of assets, and the marital home is one of the most significant of these. Where a person lives not only provides them shelter but is usually a part of their identity as well. ...