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Brooke Hanssen, CPA

Brooke Hanssen, CPA
Brooke Hanssen is a director and service area leader in the estate, gift, and trust tax services area. She assists clients with business succession planning, wealth transfer planning—including estate, gifts, and charitable planning—estate settlement and compliance, trust accounting and administration, and audit support in the estate, gift, and trust area. Brooke also advises clients on cash flow planning for retirement and goal-based objectives. Brooke has provided public accounting services since 2007 and has been at Redpath and Company since 20
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Late last year, Congress passed and President Trump signed into law the most comprehensive tax reform package since the 1986 Act. Within that bill was a major change to how much each taxpayer can deduct for the state and local (e.g. income, real...

How Has Tax Reform Affected Estate Taxes?

While the recent tax overhaul bill was extensive, and at times difficult to parse through, the provisions regarding estate tax were fairly uncomplicated and taxpayer-friendly. How has the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected Estate Taxes?

Estate Planning Impacted By Proposed Regulations

If you are in the midst of estate planning and are considering a transfer via gift or are in the process of completing a transfer, you should consider moving quickly to close on your transaction. Here's why: