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Redpath Accounting Internship: Checking In

by Sean Sullivan

March 21, 2017 โ€” We are keeping up with the 10 students in our accounting internship through an intern blog series. To meet our interns, click here for the first blog!

This week, we checked in with each of the interns to hear about their experiences in our accounting internship so far. We asked about challenges, successes, and how the job has differed from their expectations. Keep reading to see how our interns are handling busy season!

Dylan Vue- Tax

Dylan, a junior at Hamline University, says that his internship has helped him decide what kind of work he hopes to be doing in the future. โ€œAt the start of the internship, I thought I would really enjoy business returns, but Iโ€™ve learned that working on personal returns is what makes me happiest. Knowing what kind of work I enjoy is extremely important to me as far as personal and professional development go.โ€

Ashley Gruber- Commercial Audit

Ashley, a junior at St. Catherine University, says her accounting internship has been different than she expected. โ€œI expected many of the employees would be so busy that asking questions would be a struggle. However, I feel comfortable asking as many questions as I need to! Most times, other employees will even check in and ask if I have any questions.โ€

Brody Johnson- Tax

Brody, a senior at the University of Minnesota, enjoys the challenging work. โ€œMy favorite part of the job is being challenged. Every new task Iโ€™m assigned is different in some way which provides me a lot of variety in work. It can be intimidating and sometimes frustrating to work on something youโ€™ve never done before, but itโ€™s rewarding when you finish.โ€

McKenzie Hofmann-Government

McKenzie, a senior at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, says her accounting internship has exceeded her expectations. โ€œI never imagined that I would have so many people willing to help me with anything from questions about the work Iโ€™m doing to advice for my future.  I was not expecting to find an employer who cares as much about their employees as Redpath does.  Iโ€™ve learned more than I could have ever imagined in the past two months and have truly had a lot of fun while doing so.โ€

Molly Sager-Tax

Molly, a senior at Minnesota State University, Mankato, says she canโ€™t believe how much sheโ€™s learned. โ€œThe amount that Iโ€™ve learned in such a short amount time is incredible. I learn something new every day. When I get review comments back from both business and personal tax, itโ€™s cool to see how much Iโ€™ve learned over the course of this. Thereโ€™s been an immense amount of knowledge taken in.โ€

Chris Sigurdson-Government

Chris, a senior at the University of North Dakota, says he enjoys working with clients. โ€œMy favorite part of the job is getting out of the office for a bit and going out to clients. I enjoy the interaction with the client and learning about everything that happened in one year for them.โ€

Dan Thaldorf-Tax

Dan, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, says he feels like part of the Redpath team. โ€œWorking at Redpath through busy season has been fun. The people here are great. Iโ€™m surprised at how much I have contributed. I feel like I am part of the team and have helped make an impact.โ€

Paige Loibl- Tax

Paige, a junior at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, says sheโ€™s enjoyed busy season. โ€œMy favorite part about the internship is being able to see what a busy season is like at a firm. Itโ€™s nice to be able to experience the job and what goes into being an accountant before I graduate from school. Some days are longer than others, but Redpath goes out of their way to make sure they show their appreciation for all the hard work and long hours employees put in. Plus the snacks and meals are a nice boost during the week!โ€

Kasha Lundell- Government

Kasha, a returning intern and senior at St. Catherineโ€™s University, says her second internship with Redpath has differed from her expectations. โ€œThe program has changed a lot from last year when I did the internship. The interns have monthly meetings with Partners and/or Managers to learn about the different departments and all the services that Redpath performs for their clients. This helps interns get to know Redpathโ€™s upper management, while also learning about the current and future opportunities in each of the departments.โ€

Kailey Wirtanen- Tax

Kailey, a junior at the University of North Dakota, says her favorite part of the job is the amount of learning opportunities โ€œMy favorite part of the job is learning something new each day. There is never a dull moment in the CPA world!โ€

Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan specializes in both creative and strategic marketing initiatives. Key areas of expertise include lead generation and new customer acquisition, content development, project management, art direction, and multi-channel campaign implementation. A process-oriented strategic thinker, Sean is adept at translating ideas and key messages into actionable insights and effective customer-focused marketing communications. Prior to joining Redpath and Company, Sean served as a Marketing Account Manager at C.H. Robinson where he balanced a number of responsibilities including driving revenue growth, building brand awareness, utilizing multi-channel marketing tactics, and leading high profile, cross-functional projects such as brand integrations and global tagline development.